Welcome to the 40 days of fasting negative thoughts

If you change, everything changes

If you attempt to change the world around you, you'll end up frustrated. Changing others is not your calling, but you can change them by changing yourself. When you change, others around you change too. When you stop thinking like a victim and begin to act with the conquest spirit, others around you will act differently. The demons will flee and your life will be changed.
You have the power to make satan flee from you. Jacques 4: 7: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

People criticize and murmur instead of changing things. When others do things, it’s with your permission!  Even if you say no, they do the opposite because you do not say anything. But if you start saying that you don’t want the situation to continue, they will begin to change.

I wrote a book on the power of words, take the time to read and meditate on it. This will produce a change in your thoughts, then in your mouth, and ultimately in your life.