Welcome to the 40 days of fasting negative thoughts

Your thoughts are revealed by your words

When you open your mouth, something positive or negative happens. That’s why you must watch over your mouth. It can be a blessing or a curse. James 3: 10 Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing.

Your words are a signal and a testimony of where you are standing in your life. Words reveal to others who you are and where you stand spiritually. Even the enemy knows your position when you open your mouth to speak.

Do not talk like a victim. This invites pity, never partnership.

When you speak of defeat, you attract things you do not necessarily want to have in your life. Each word is a seed and you end up reaping the words you have spoken.

They constantly communicate with others around you things about yourself. If you speak against others, those who listen to you finally understand that you will do the same with them when they won’t be there.

Your words reveal your focus, your trust and your expectations. Your words will determine what will remain near and far from you. Sweet words draw softness, but angry words draw anger.

Words are important because they reveal your heart. Every word you speak is inspired by a spirit. Either the spirit of God, the devil’s spirit or the spirit of man.

Therefore, these 40 days of negative thoughts fasting will transform your life and your entourage